Events line

Events line – From the events line of Grupo Nostresport, we promote sports in the most direct way possible. Organizing sports events and activities.

On one hand we organize sports events and activities tailored to the objectives of our clients: outdoor activities, tournaments, internal leagues, presentations, seminars, conferences, experiences, and more.

On the other hand we also promote our own events.


Tailor-made events

The events line designs and organizes custom-made events specifically designed according to the objectives of our clients: Promotions, commercial recruitment, cooperation and team-building days, commercial presentations, meetings between suppliers, recruitment of prescribers, etc.

Our methodology begins by analyzing your needs and then proposing the type of event that best meets your needs: internal tournaments, leagues, outdoor activities, conferences, etc.

Years of experience and the best team of professionals ensura that everything is developed according to your objective.

our own events

company races

The race of the companies is a popular race for teams. You can form your team in the categories of Quartets: male, female, and mixed; Trios: male, female, and mixed; Pairs: males, females, and mixed; Individual: You can also run individually as autonomous, free or standing.

copa integra

The Copa Integra is an amateur 7-a-side football tournament made up of teams from coutnries of different nationalities that compete under the format of the traditional FIFA World Cup.

A tournament that aims to promote the integration and coexistence through the universal language of football.

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