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The digital sports newspaper has closed the 19-20 season, comprising the 12 months between August 2019 and July 2020 with more than 14 million page views according to data provided by DINAHOSTING server. You can check the traffic offered by the newspaper’s server here:

MonthUnique viewsNumber of visitsPages SolicitudesTraffic (GB)

That figure represents in annual terms the second best traffic figure since the 2017 financial year, where 15 million page views were exceeded (15,338,485), although if we look at the variable “number of visits” the 19-20 season surpasses previous years.

YearUnique viewsNumber of visitsPagesSolicitudesTraffic (GB)
2014126.820470.7805.441.40814.756.254246.74 GB
201585.737449.0213.808.72310.876.828188.91 GB
2016101.540327.6384.163.1358.654.459134.53 GB
2017246.082712.86515.338.48518.905.363241.82 GB
2018154.825729.7538.457.30612.307.413138.02 GB
2019124.816663.3559.679.96713.578.635168.29 GB

Social Media

The social networks linked to comprise around ten profiles, including those directly linked to the newspaper and those aimed at supporting different Valencian teams.

Looking only at the main profiles on the main social networks, i.e. the corporate profile of the newspaper on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, the platform has more than 53,400 followers.

As a novelty of this season, a new profile has been created in the social network YouTube exclusively for audiovisual content of the newspaper

In addition, the newspaper has active profiles in networks such as IVOOX and Spotify where it maintains audio content (see radio and podcasts):

Projection to which should be added the profiles destined to support different Valencian clubs on Facebook and Twitter promoted and managed by nostresport that aggregate around 15,000 additional followers, which bring the accumulated followers in social networks to around 70,000. These other social profiles also linked to the newspaper are currently:

On Facebook:

On Twitter:

On Instagram:

Nostresport Radio

The radio production has closed its eighth season in the 19/20 season. The radio program “Nostresport” has been produced since the 11/12 season, except for the 17/18 and 18/19 season, when the magazine “Ponte las zapatillas” was produced.

The program currently has the following dissemination:

Nostresport Podcast:

The commitment to audio formats lasts almost a decade in nostresport, where, hand in hand with the production of the radio program, we began compiling digital documents of the radio programs and timingly separating sections or interviews. Without knowing it, we were already precursors of the podcasting phenomenon that for some years has been revolutionizing the way of consuming digital audio content.

That is why in April 2019 we started a specific section of podcasts produced by Nostresport, a series that has 56 episodes with analysis of current sports news, interviews or specials such as La Carrera de las Empresas 2019 to Especial Campeones de la Copa del Rey del Valencia CF.

Fent el Gamba

The leisure and culture section of the newspaper Fent el Gamba has also been strongly boosted this season, incorporating more content and coverage and adding to the specific profiles it already had on social networks, that is Facebook and Twitter, a new profile on Instagram.

In this way, the cultural life of the Valencian Community has its own space on the platform:, which can also be accessed from the domain, as well as specific profiles on social networks:

This area also has specific sections in the generic profiles of nostresport on YouTube and Ivoox:

 – Fent el gamba playlist on Youtube:

– Fent el Gamba on IVOOX:

Nostresport Management

In addition to the cultural section, Nostresport Management,, the section dedicated to sports management, which can be accessed from its own domain, as well as specific profiles on social networks, has been maintained:

Paraules d’esport

This season, the transmedia project that includes text and audio content on the platform, radio program, as well as its dissemination on social networks and’s own social networks with profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Ivoox, Youtube and Instagram has also been developed

The aim of the project is to discover and disseminate the enormous cultural heritage that our language treasures in the world of sports.

  • Platforms and dissemination of Paraules d’Esport:
    • Special section in the newspaper NOSTRESPORT.COM: Paraules d’esport: where posts are published with an extended analysis of the radio program of the words discussed.
    • Radio section of “Paraules d’esport”. As a section since September 2019 within the weekly magazine “nostresport”. See the above section of Nostresport Radio for the broadcasting of the program.
    • Social networks: 

These are not the only changes that have taken place in the newspaper; some sections have disappeared and have been included under more generic headings in an attempt to simplify content, and others, such as health, have been created in an attempt to respond to the trends of the new demands of digital readers.

Challenges of the 2020/21 season

In order to continue to grow and overcome the new environment created by the Covid 19 crisis, nostresport’s content line must address even more decisively important and urgent challenges.

– Web platfrom overhaul. A priority project on which we are currently working with the aim of providing a new website that offers an updated and modernized image of the platform, presenting the contents to readers in a more simplified and harmonized way, improving the current visualization and waiting time on any device, but especially under the “mobile first” approach. Modernization that also facilitates teamwork and the new technological needs that arise, especially derived from a greater integration, if possible, of new communication formats: videos, podcats, photos, a transmedia approach and dialogue with the reader.

– Multilanguage. Since its origins in 2003 has included, and has been a pioneer again, in the inclusion of content in Valencian. This commitment has not aimed for the receipt of any grant, aid or similar, but by the mere esteem of the language. This commitment needs to be channeled through a multilanguage platform that allows to group the contents in Valencian, and in that way to be able to examine the options of available aids. In addition, it is necessary to maintain the commitment to the incorporation of contents in Valencian with the necessary human investment.

–  Events manager. In 2017, a new graphic identity for the newspaper was incorporated, adapting the design of the header to the new general graphic context of Grupo Nostresport, as well as the launch of a sports and cultural events manager to configure an events agenda. The tool was not developed according to the specified requirements and its inclusion in the newspaper and dissemination has been limited. You can see it here:

Cultural events:

Sports events:

In addition to web development, an interactive tool should be developed to enable promoters to include the event and facilitate the reader’s visualization and use, or the current system should be discarded.

–  Photography. The commitment to make the newspaper more visually attractive will undoubtedly involve its web architecture and a greater “showcasing” of the graphic resources available, provided through press releases or the communication services of events and entities, but it will certainly reinforce the visual options and the current network of graphic collaborators. To this end, a coordinator will be incorporated to the area to manage and expand the human resources, and technological developments that provide options for expansion and monetization of the area will be explored.

–  Expansion of the network of editors and collaborators. The maintenance and development of the platform is based on the ability to incorporate larger and better amount content that broadens the interest and possibilities of dissemination of the newspaper. To this end, the improvement of the coverage and monitoring of teams, events and disciplines of the Valencian community has always been the challenge to achieve, an improvement that must be sustained not only in the ability to inform through monitoring and publication, taking advantage of the resources provided by each agent, but with the ability to generate differentiated content. For this, it is neccessary to establish an attractive program of collaborators that reconciles the interest and professional development sought by the professionals with the coordination and integration in the editorial objectives of the platform.

– Content evolution. Social trends, tastes, demographic changes, all this and a thousand other variables make the evolution of the demands of digital content variable. That is why it is necessary to be reactive to these changes and remove and incorporate new sections and types of content. This season we will explore the inclusion of three types of content encompassed in what we could call: experiential and outdoor sports: sports tourism, mountain routes, sports experiences etc.

In addition, we must clearly maintain and increase our commitment to emerging video and audio formats, and the possibilities of streaming, podcasting, etc. that new technology facilitates.

 – Updates to formats, possibilities, models, media and commercial advertising tools. The profitability of the digital press is always a challenge, sometimes impossible, resorting to alternative ways of financing, in the case of nostresport based on assuming losses in the content line financed by the activity in the rest of the professional lines. Despite the depressed outlook for digital advertising revenue, it is certain that new models have been developed and that the challenge lies in the inventiveness and originality of those new models that allow the platform to capitalize on the traffic and impact generated, with the clear profitability of the offer for the advertiser. Technological development supports new possibilities that did not exist before. Therefore, the challenge in this area consists of updating the current advertising formats and developing new and unique models adjusted to the newspaper’s assets: segmentation of the target audience, transmedia, adaptation to new languages, as well as developing new commercial tools to implement a commercial action plan. A plan that will enable the content line to have at least one revenue stream of its own to cover or at least contribute to the effort, as well as to sustain and increase the human and promotional infrastructure necessary for its growth.

– Metric traceability: The credibility and traceability of traffic metrics offered has long been one of the workhorses of any digital medium. This traceability has greatly improved with the extension of the metrics in the social media profiles and in the main platform. Currently we offer the data in a public way reflected by our server, in one of the leading companies at national level, Dinahosting: It is known for the intensive use of other tools for measuring and auditing traffic. One of the objectives of this season is to analyze the tools available in order to facilitate the traceability and credibility of our traffic even more to ensure our customers always get the best ROI of their actions with Nostresport.

 The objective is to capitalize on the 20/21 season, when the newspaper will come of age with the celebration on 01/02/2021 of 18 years since its founding to once again be pioneers in digital formats and regain leadership and influence in sports information and entertainment in the Valencian Community.

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