On October 29, 2021, the Recognition ceremony for the Valencian Business Fabric took place in Valencia in favor of different entities whose cooperation provided during the state of alarm and confinement was crucial for the benefit of the most vulnerable families in their diocese.

One of the entities to obtain this recognition was Grupo Nostresport. Specifically, the recognition comes from the launch of the Lázaro Project linked to the 2020 edition of the Companies Race. In a context of stoppage of activity and closure in homes, and of course cancellation of the race, we launched this initiative to try to articulate the needs of NGOs triggered by the crisis with the contributions that companies could make to help alleviate the devastating social effects on the most vulnerable groups of the health crisis. In this way, NGOs, such as Cáritas, were able to find partners among the Valencian business fabric, a true supporter of the initiative, which was especially sensitive.

Other companies that showed their support were: Fresh Meats SL, Damel Group, Danone, Prepared Plates, Velarte and Vicky Foods and the Anecoop and CONSUM cooperatives, in food; Baboo Textil, in clothing, or FEDACOVA and KMZeroHUb in terms of dissemination. Likewise, the Bugarra City Council donated masks and gloves to the organization, so that it could continue carrying out its tasks.

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