The 22-23 season of audiovisual content on kicks off with three projects: La Picaeta, La Permuta and Road to Maratón valencia.

The three weekly programs are incorporated with the same broadcast:

  • Live broadcast via twitch:
    • La Picaeta: Mondays at 12:45
    • Road to Maratón València: Mondays at 21:30
    • La Permuta: Wednesday at 21:30
  • La Picaeta

A review of the weekend’s sporting news from the Comunitat Valenciana, from the nostresport newsroom. This programme can also be seen later on our YouTube channel and on our Nostresport Podcast programme.

  • La permuta

New space of dedicated to the world of Valencian Handball that will analyse the most outstanding of the Valencian teams of the two maximum masculine and feminine categories.

  • Road to Maratón Valencia

We start a new transmedia project, “Road to Maratón València with Cárnicas Serrano” where we accompany two popular athletes to the dispute of their first marathon, which will take us to Sunday 4th December 2022 to dispute the Maratón València.

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