by GrupoNostresport | Sep 21, 2020 | News

Grupo Nostresport incorporates Vicente Vidal as head of the sports photography line. Photographer Vicente Vidal has 11 years of experience in the field of sports photography and has been a contributor to the digital newspaper and the photography services of Grupo Nostresport.

With his incorporation, the aim is to give a needed new impulse to the line of photography that passes through different axes:


– Provide greater visual prominence to the sports content of For this it is essential, as stated in the traffic report for the 20/21season, to develop a new web infrastructure that meets the new requirements.

– Expand our own photographic coverage by coordinating and developing our own network of photographers spreading throughout the Valencian Community.

– Manage said network of professionals, allowing the newspaper to have its own photographic archive.

In the line of photographic services of Grupo Nostresport

– The update of the photographic services portfolio of Grupo Nostresport, improving the visual attractiveness of the services as well as the new project modalities that the new technical and technological equipment makes possible to offer to our clients. To do so, the creation of new supports that enable the presentation of the new services will be addressed.

– Explore the new options for monetization and rentabilization for that line.

Click here to read the interview with Vicente Vidal: “What makes me fall in love with sports photography is being able to take details without the athlete knowing it”.

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